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Lithium Battery Protection Voltage May 10, 2017

The charge and discharge process of lithium ion battery charging voltage to set the upper and lower discharge voltage, therefore, the lithium battery (here refers to the lithium ion battery protection voltage protection) charging voltage and discharge voltage of lithium battery protection.

Is a single lithium battery, charging voltage protection standard is 4.2V, also has better performance of the lithium battery can be designed for 4.35V, due to the consistency of the product, in fact the charging voltage protection will allow a small floating space, such as + 0.05V.

The general standard of protection voltage during discharge is 2.75V, to be on the safe use of the battery, some voltage protection design for 3.0V, on the other hand, in order to release more power, some manufacturers will protect the lithium battery voltage is set to 2.5V or 2.4V.

Protection of lithium battery lithium battery voltage is a very important parameter in the design, the utility, we should put the charging protection voltage as the highest voltage of lithium battery, and the discharge voltage as the lowest voltage protection, over charge and strictly comply with the provisions of the two voltage value will not cause the lithium battery has, in order to better safeguard the service life of the lithium battery.

The lithium battery group is composed of a single lithium battery is commonly called multi core lithium battery, the lithium battery core protection voltage protection voltage is the product of a single lithium battery and battery series number, such as 7.4V lithium battery protection voltage is 2.75*2=5.5V.

The protection voltage of the lithium battery and the lithium ion battery is actually written on the protective IC, and the battery is operated according to the instructions of the IC. In other words, these batteries have self protection function, we use the battery, we must carefully read the instructions, to understand their self-protection of the expression.