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How To Extend The Life Of Lithium Batteries? Jun 25, 2017

What about the life of lithium batteries: lithium battery charging only 300 ~ 500 times, after the need to be replaced. The correct argument is: lithium battery life and the completion of the charging cycle of the number of times, and the number of charging is not directly related. A charging cycle refers to all the power of the lithium battery from the full use of space, and then from the empty charge to the full process. And this is not equivalent to charging once.

Lithium battery life is generally 300 to 500 charging cycles. Assuming a full discharge to provide the amount of electricity is Q, if not considering the reduction in the amount of electricity after each charging cycle, the lithium battery in its life can be provided in total or to supplement the power of 300Q ~ 500Q. It can be said that if you use half of the charge, you can charge 600 ~ 1000 times; if you use the charge on the other, you can charge 900 ~ 1500 times. And so on, if the random charge, the number is uncertain. In short, no matter how charging, add a total of 300Q ~ 500Q power is constant. Therefore, it can be understood that the life of the lithium battery is related to the total charge of the battery, and the number of charging has nothing to do. There is little difference between the deep charging and shallow charging for the life of lithium battery.

In fact, shallow, shallow charge for lithium battery is more beneficial, only in the PSP power module for lithium battery calibration, it is necessary to deep, deep charging. Therefore, the use of lithium battery powered products do not have to rigidly adhere to the process, all to facilitate the first, ready to charge, do not have to worry about the impact of life.

Pay attention to the maintenance of lithium batteries, so that it longevity":

1 temperature is not too high. If the use of lithium batteries in the environment above the specified operating temperature, that is 35 degrees above C, the battery power will continue to decrease, that is, the battery power supply will not be as long as usual. If at this temperature, but also to charge the device, the damage to the battery will be greater. Even in a hot environment to store the battery, it will inevitably cause damage to the quality of the battery. Therefore, as far as possible to maintain the appropriate operating temperature is a good way to extend the life of lithium batteries.

2 temperature is too low is not good. If in a low temperature environment, that is, 4 degrees below the use of lithium batteries, the battery will also be found to reduce the use of time, some of the original cell phone battery in the low temperature environment is not even charging C. But do not have to worry too much, this is only a temporary situation, different from the use of high temperature environment, once the temperature rises, the molecules in the battery heating, it immediately returned to the previous electricity.

3 life is movement. If you want to play the maximum effectiveness of lithium batteries, you need to use it frequently, so that the lithium battery is always in a state of flow. If you do not often use lithium batteries, be sure to remember a month to complete a charging cycle of lithium batteries, do a power calibration, that is deep, deep charge once.