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Battery Charging Cycle Jun 28, 2017

Battery charging cycle and lithium battery life are closely related, a charging cycle refers to a lithium battery full charge and discharge process, if the decomposition, a charging cycle is composed of a full charge and a full discharge process. The life of the lithium battery is related to the number of completion of the charging cycle, and there is no relation between the charge and discharge times of the lithium battery.

In other words, the lithium battery charging cycle is an expression of the lithium battery power, which means that the battery power from full to empty again from the empty to full process. From the angle of the existing in the design of battery voltage, single lithium battery from airborne 4.2V (capacity for nominal capacity) has been used to 2.75V (the capacity to zero) after a reverse process completes a charging cycle. In this process, if the battery is between 4.2V and 2.75V a voltage value of the beginning of charging can not be counted as a charging cycle. From the capacity point of view, 2200mAh lithium battery if there is still in the capacity of the 1100mAh began charging, can not be counted as a charging cycle, and can only be counted as half a cycle. However, in this way, the lithium battery charge and discharge times (charging cycle of 500 times) to reach the 1000.

Further understanding in the value, a lithium battery charging period is equal to the total power of a full power lithium battery can output, is still the new lithium battery nominal 2200mAh as an example, it can output power is 8.14wh, that is to say, the full power of the battery enough to work for a current 2200mA this is the hour, fully charge and discharge the meaning.

Now the design of lithium battery charging cycle can reach 500 times, which is the life of lithium batteries. IEC standard, lithium battery after 500 cycles, the charge should be 60%.

Here, to correct the consumers will be charged more than 1000 times "propaganda as a measure of lithium battery life scale misconceptions, as mentioned above, a charging behavior may complete a charging cycle, but there may be only half a charging period, some lithium battery manufacturers may be out of battery performance promotion to consider, not strict to the parameters, so as to mislead consumers. In fact, the lithium battery in the capacity from zero to the nominal capacity and then from the nominal capacity to zero capacity of the process can be counted as a charging cycle principle has not changed. Therefore, the life of lithium battery can be improved by a certain method, but always based on the charging cycle, which makes the improvement of life is limited to a limited range.