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RC Car Lipo Battery 2s 7.4V 4000mAh 35c Sep 25, 2017

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Size: Medium

  • Rated Capacity: >1000MAH

  • Usage: Remote Control Car

  • Connection Mode: Series Connection

  • Discharge Rate: High Discharge Rate

  • Accessories Type: Battery

  • Standard Voltage: 4.8V~8.4V

  • Electrolyte: Lithium

Battery Type: High rate chargeable Lipo 7.4V 4000mAh 35C

Brand: OEM

Application: Game Player, power tools, R/C models, Car battery, etc.

Place of Origin: Guangdong China