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7.4V 11.1V Lipo RC Battery Balance Charger 2-3s 2 Cell Jan 17, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Type: Lithium-Polymer Battery Charger

  • Principle: Single-Shock Charger

  • Charging Type: Electric Charger

7.4V 11.1V LiPo RC Battery Balance Charger 2-3S 2 Cell

Products Description:

Condition: Brand New.
Input voltage: DC 10-15V
Output current: 800mA (constant current)
Cutoff voltage: 8.4V, 12.6V
Battery pack: 2-cell (7.4V), 3-cell (11.1V)
Charger for 7.4V & 11.1V Li-Polymer Battery
Charging indicator lights, auto cut off
Detachable crocodile clips for input
Safe and reliable direct current charger
Size: 67mm X 47mm X 21mm.
Weight: 82g


100% Brand New

1 X Battery balance charger

1 X Detachable crocodile clips